Our Principles

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Foster the development of a common vision to provide clear directions and help establish priorities. Communicate clear goals, standards & performance expectations to employees and business associates. Establish clear linkages between the mission of the team, corporate objectives and the strategies to achieve the same.


The company values honesty and truthfulness above everything else in all its interactions. No guidelines, rules or statutes that affect our business will ever be circumvented. Mutual respect and ethical behavior are the basis of our relationship with colleagues, customers and the community. Integrity is reflected in transparency of our actions, motives and intentions.


Approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness. Challenge the feeling- "The way it has always been done". Always strive for improvement of systems, processes and products. To develop new and different products with worldwide applications.


We are committed to provide Pharmaceutical Products matching the best quality available globally. These products could emanate from different systems of medicines viz. modern medicines or traditional / alternative medicines.


We strive for the highest level of quality in everything we do - Research, Development, the products and finally, the services to customers. Towards ensuring the quality of our products, we are committed to work with business associates who are certified as per international standards viz. ISO, cGMP and GLP as the case may be.

Our Motto is "Best Quality, On Time, Every Time".

Customer Delight:

Our customers and consumers deserve the best deal from us. We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and therefore delight them. We value the suggestions & advice of our customers (Internal & External) and believe in their judgment for our progress and sustenance.

Human Resource:

The fundamental strength of our organization is our Human Resource. This in turn facilitates the management of all other resources. We hire, develop & retain a diverse team not only to achieve the goals of our organization but also to further every team member's personal career goals. We are committed to improve the competence of our human resource before the hour, through training & development


We believe that every aspect of life is dynamic and that the organization needs to adopt & adapt to the changes in the market place, be it in terms of technology, methods, policies or management principles. We are always open to learn from others or from our past experiences.

Social Responsibilities:

We endeavor to protect & enhance our natural environment. We believe that our success is rooted in our commitment to the society we serve. We actively support organization and ventures working towards the betterment of society. Recent activity on the social responsibility front.